Our Store

Besides our locations in several hotels in the Riviera Maya area, we currently have a tobacco and cigar shop in Playa del Carmen’s downtown area on 5th avenue.

La Casa del Habano on 5th Avenue

At La Casa del Habano Playa del Carmen you will find the fine atmosphere you are looking for. We have the best Habanos selection in the entire region. Our mojitos are made the traditional way with Havana Club rum. We also serve fine sipping rums, scotch, mezcal, and tequilas, accompanied by latin and jazz tunes to create the perfect atmosphere for you. You can sit at our terrace or at our A/C saloon to take your vacation experience to the next level.

La Casa del Habano Playa del Carmen

5th Avenue between 40th & 42nd St., Centro, Playa del Carmen