Our Stores

Besides our locations in several hotels in the Riviera Maya area, we currently have two tobacco and cigar shops in Playa del Carmen’s downtown area on 5th avenue.

Our main cigar shop in Playa del Carmen is located on 5th Avenue between 26th and 28th Streets, This location also offers a cigar bar, where you can taste unique pairings of fine liquors and cigars.

Our second store is conveniently located inside Paseo del Carmen shopping mall on 10th Avenue and South 3rd Street. This location offers a variety of Mexican, Nicaraguan and Cuban Cigars in Playa del Carmen.

La Casa del Habano Playa del Carmen

5th Avenue between 26th & 28th, Centro, Playa del Carmen

La Casa del Habano Playa del Carmen

10th Avenue & South 3rd Street, inside Paseo del Carmen Shopping mall, Centro, Playa del Carmen